Mapping and assessment of national enterprise shadowing practices and reports

It will be an study carried out in all partner countries of previous experience of “Enterprise Shadowing” (ES) schemes, their main characteristics and views by enterprises and future ES participants. Approximately 50 young people and 10 Enterprises will participate in the Questionnaire based on-line survey in each partner country. In addition, a number of 10 interviews will take place in each partner country with members of each group in order to supplement M&A results.

Development of Enterprise Shadowing Methodology, Training Materials, Guides and Tools

Each partner will select 20 young people to participate in the project activities. The priority will be given to the respondents approached during IO1. The aim is to support young people’s employability by providing them with supportive tools and structuring a methodology implemented transversally during the 2-years‘ project, through the involvement of all project target groups in the implementation of ES.

Digital Training Content and Customised YESS e-Learning platform

An open-source learning platform hosted by Moodle will ensure a distance learning for the young people participating in the pilot phase of the Enterprise Shadowing programmes in each YESS partner country, enabling all other users to exploit the materials developed during the project.