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YESS, You can do it, too!

YESS, You can do it, too!

The project YESS – Youth Enterprise Shadowing Schemes (Erasmus+ - KA2: Strategic Partnership Youth) supports the fight against unemployment among young people – which is really high in all the involved countries (Poland, Italy, Greece & Cyprus) - and, at the same time, is aimed at influencing their decision and the career to be followed, by enriching their understanding of the practical sides of entrepreneurship and self-employment, through engaging them in so-called “Enterprise Shadowing Schemes” (E.S.), which in many countries have proven to constitute quite effective educational processes to learn entrepreneurial skills and inspire future careers.


The project is expected to impact significantly on young people, participating organizations, policy makers, local communities, as its major objective is to narrow the existing knowledge gap, provide awareness on key concepts and opportunities and equip young people with the needed tools to pursue successful entrepreneurial activity.

The YESS partnership is composed of four partners from four countries:


YESS project expected results

Mapping and assessment of national enterprise shadowing practices reports

It will be an investigation in all partner countries of previous experience of  “Enterprise Shadowing” (ES) schemes, their main characteristics and views by enterprises and future ES participants. It aims to provide the basis for the development of all subsequent project Intellectual Outputs and associated project activities. 

Enterprise Shadowing Methodology, Training Materials, Guides and Tools

It will support young people’s employability by providing them supporting tools and structuring a methodology which will be implemented transversally during the 2-years-project, through the involvement of all project target groups in the implementation of ES.

Digital Training Content and Customised YESS e-Learning platform

An open source-learning platform hosted by Moodle will ensure a distance learning for the young people participating in the pilot phase of the Enterprise Shadowing programmes in each YESS partner country, enabling all other users to exploit the materials developed during the project.


Finally, the project will organize a blended mobility of 5 days for project participants - young people aspiring to be entrepreneurs and local host enterprises’ representatives - to exchange experiences and enrich their understanding of enterprises’ functioning in the various countries.

What has done up to now?

The project is at its third month of operation. In May 23, 2018  the  Coordinator of the project (Stowarzyszenie Integracja i Rozwój, Poland) hosted the kick-off meeting during which project experts from all partner countries discussed the issues related to YESS Management and content (objectives, processes and expected outputs). Experts from Cyprus (Irene Smeraidou, Konstantinos Kloudas), Italy (Alberto Biondo), Greece (Joseph Hassid and Daniel Jianu) and Poland (Katarzyna Zapała, Izabela Kieres-Gałęziowska) clarified the work plan, deliverables and indicators of each work package.


In the next months, the partnership will invite the entrepreneurs and the youth to become engaged in the project activities. We are planning to engage 80 young people and even 32 enterprises from Poland, Greece, Cyprus and Italy!

What is next?

In the coming months, the partnership will focus on establishing the baseline for the assessment of the specific skill gaps and associated training needs of the defined target groups of the project. The next project meeting will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus in January 2019, hosted by ENOROS CONSULTING LIMITED

Contact the project team: (SIR,Poland) (SIR,Poland)

Yess project partners
Co-funded by Erasmus+

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