2nd partner meeting – YESS

The second international partner meeting of YESS project was successfully held on the 25th of January 2019 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Partners from Italy, Greece, Poland and Cyprus met to discuss the first Intellectual Output- “Survey of young people skill gaps and training needs”, and planned the next activities for the project, aimed at involving young people and entrepreneurs to start a shared path in an Enterprise Shadowing Scheme.

In the last months of 2018, the survey was carried out in all partner countries. This has allowed comprehensive understanding of all the issues related to young people with interest in entrepreneurship and especially of those concerning their potential engagement in Enterprise Shadowing practices. 200 young people and 40 enterprises participated in the survey through a questionnaire in four partner countries. The survey enclosed the topics such as benefits to engage in an Enterprise Shadowing Scheme, requirements to participate, professional profile and so on.  Moreover, different good practices have been identified in order to look at them for the next steps of the project. Based on these results, each partner has developed a national report which will be summarized in the first IO of the project.

In the next months, partners will be focused on developing the second Intellectual Output of the project: Enterprise Shadowing Methodology, Training Materials, Guides and Tools. These products will help young people’s employability by providing them supporting tools during their period of shadowing as well as guaranteeing a guide to be used in the shadowing schemes for all the parties involved. At the same time, these tools provide a structured methodology, which will be applied transversally through the involvement of all project target groups and the implementation of Enterprise shadowing.

Partners will select 20 young people to participate in the project activities in each country. Those selected will have the chance to participate in 15 hours of face-to-face training as well as in 30 hours of asynchronous e learning, through the project’s platform (Intellectual Output 3).

Furthermore, in the following months the partners will select around 5 – 8 enterprises who will host young people for their shadowing experience.

Finally, in Autumn 2019 the project will organize a blended mobility of 5 days for project participants in Poland: young people aspiring to be entrepreneurs and local host enterprises’ representatives will get together in order to exchange experiences and enrich their understanding of enterprises’ functioning in the various countries.